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We (Svetozar Misljencevic & Dusty Lefèvre) are developing a profiler for Java (1.5 and greater) that will be able to selectively trace an application (by selecting the classes and events to log) and log it's actions for analysis using the JVMTI interface. In the first phase we will implement this functionality. In the second phase we will add monitors for the (real-time) internal state of the Java Virtual Machine.
This project is part of our studies so we cannot accept any external help, for the moment...

ESP project description (translated)

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) has a couple of interfaces that make it possible to retrieve information about the running program and/or the virtual machine at run-time. A debugging interface has been present for a long time, and some time later a profiling interface (JVMPI) was added.
With the imminent introduction of the definitive version of J2SE 1.5 a new interface was developed that integrated all the former interfaces. This interface is called the Java Virtual Machine Tool Interface (JVMTI).
The goal of this year-project is to develop an application that uses the JVMTI and enables you to: Further, there are some optional topics that, using the JVMTI interface, can be tackled, e.g. thread analysis, code coverage (is there code that is never executed?), ...

About the site

The project's summary page is here
The old site (dutch) is still up at www.yajp.info
Last update: 27 may, 2005.

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