System scope

The project consists of developing a profiler that utilizes the JVMTI interface. This interface enables us to create Agents that can be passed to the Java Virtual Machine for logging, analyzing, ...
In the first phase the profiler should be able to: In the second phase it should be possible to visualize a momental recording of the JVM:

Risk analysis

Project risks

Technical risks

Use cases

Trace a new program (1)
Starting a new session (1a)
Agent (1b)
Viewing a log (2)
Visualize the eventsequence (2a)
Generate a summary (2b)
Save a summary (2c)
Filters for log (3)
Aborting a trace (manually) (4)
Automaticly stop a trace when the log becomes to big (5)
Code coverage (6)
Monitor threads (7)
Monitor stack and heap (8)
Monitor memory usage (9)
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** usecases are written in Dutch

UML diagrams

Usecase diagram (phase 1)
Usecase diagram (phase 2)
Class diagram (viewer)
Class diagram (agent)
State diagram (tracing)
Collaboration diagram (how the cache of the agent works)
Collaboration diagram (chain of responsibility for commchannel)
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** comments are in Dutch


Communication channel between the Agent and Viewer
Results: pipe vs. socket
Results: APR Socket test

Responsibility for storage (viewer vs. agent)
Results: place of storage
* guess what, it's in Dutch again!

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